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Summer Dance Festival in BOURNEMOUTH

 Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Bournemouth Dance Festival this year.... As always it was a fantastic event and all of our couples did extremely well!!! We couldn't be more proud of all of you !!!

Simon and Sharran Woodall won the DPA/BDF National League in the Intermediate Ballroom Category which meant that they are the TOP couple in this country in that category for 2013/2014

Joe and Eva Johnson won the DPA/BDF National League in the Prechamp Ballroom category which again means they are Number One couple in the UK for 2013/2014.

Neil Gessey and Jo Willis came 5th in DPA/BDF National League Intermediate Ballroom final.

Andrew and Anita Fear came 7th in the DPA/BDF National League Intermediate Latin.

Chris and Lesley Forrest have also made it to the semi final of the beginners National League.

Dean Edwards and Rachael Carr did their first competition in Latin, after going through 3 rounds they have finished 5th in the Intermediate Latin.

And they as usual did a great performance in the Ballroom section and came 4th in PreChamp Ballroom.

Above are only the best results from our couples, but we would like to congratulate every single one of our couple that danced - you were all FAB!!!

European Championships

The European Dance Championships was held in England, Blackpool in April this year... We are really proud to report some amazing results for Team Crystal:

Dean Edwards and Rachael Carr have reached the semi finals in Pre Champ Competition and finished 8th in that event.

Simon and Sharran Woodall took part in Intermediate Ballroom and finished 3rd.

Congratulations to both couples for great achievements!!!

Team Crystal At World Championships in France

 We all had a great time going to THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Paris in December 2013. Every year it is held in The beautiful NEW YORK hotel in Disneyland and everyone from Crystal are really looking forward to this event through the whole year!!!

This year we had even more fantastic results:

Neil Gessey and Jo Willis finished 3rd in the Intermediate Ballroom World Championships.

Sean Wolverson and Keisha Campion came 3rd in the Pre Championship Ballroom World (only just missing out on the 2nd place)

Joe and Eva Johnson came 4th in the same event.

Team Crystal takes part in a Charity Football Match ....

All of Crystals dancers came together to make up a football team to take part in a charity Foitball match to raise money for CHILDREN WITH Cancer Charity. It was a great day and a lot of fun , and a good news is ... Our boys won against Himley Golfers Team 10:2!!!! Congratulations TEAM CRYSTAL - you are not only good at dancing but football too!!!

Fantastic day at CHAMPIONS OF TOMORROW in Blackpool for TEAM CRYSTAL!!! 

Congratulations to all of our couples - some amazing results , including:

- JOE & EVA JOHNSON - going through 4 rounds of dancing and then winning Pre Champ Ballroom Competition and coming 3rd in Intermediate latin too!

- SEAN WOLVERSON & KEISHA CAMPION - coming 4th in Prechamp Ballroom Competition

- DEAN EDWARDS & JESSICA ELLIS dancing 3rounds and finishing 10th in PREchamp Ballroom!

- ANDREW & ANITA FEAR - finishing 4th in Intermediate Latin and semi final of PreChamp Ballroom

- DAVID & NICOLA FOX - semi final of intermediate Ballroom

-SIMON & SHARRAN WOODALL - 4th in Intermediate ballroom after 3 rounds of dancing

-CHRIS & LESLEY FORREST - making a debut in the novice Ballroom category for the first time!!!

Congratulations everyone!!!!

Matt Dean and Sophie Webb take 3rd place at Champions of Tomorrow 2013 in Blackpool!!!!

 It was their best performance up to date and also an amazing achievement in coming in top 3 best couples in this competition. Well done Matt and Sophie and we all really looking forward to you improving your dancing even further and hopefully being placed in the top 3 at the next major competition - UK CLOSED DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Team Crystal at the Worlds Championships in Paris



Our weekly Dance-News coverage of the 2012 Stars of the Future , which took place in Brentwood

They have only been dancing together for a few months but they have already won a major title!!! Huge well done to you two!!!!

Well Done to Matt and Sophie for making this Under 21 years old Ballroom final when both of them only 18 years old!!! Cant wait to see how high whey will get by the time they are 20!! Really proud of you both!

Great day at "Stars of the Future 2012" for Team Crystal!


 WOW what a fantastic weekend of dancing in Brentwood!!!! CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS are so proud of all of our student that took part in this competition!!!

Well done to Crystal Champions 2012:

 Nathan and Valentina - 1st in o35 Pre Amateur Ballroom

Sean and Keisha - 1st in u35 Pre Amateur Ballroom

Bernhard and Diane - 1st in Novice Latin

 Nathan and Valentina - 1st in Pre Amateur Latin

And a big congratulations to Crystal finalists:

Marc and Jess - pre amateur ballroom

Matt and Sophie - u21 youth ballroom

Joe and Eva - u35 intermediate ballroom

And just one step away from the finals but showed some great dancing:

Rob and Sue - o35 Novice Ballroom

Bernhard and Diane - u35 Novice Ballroom

Rob and Sue - o35 Novice Latin

Ernestas and Veronica - u21 Youth Ballroom

Also well done to our brand new couples who looked amazing on their first comp!!

Andy and Michelle

Richard and Kate

Oliver and Miann

Well done TEAM CRYSTAL!! Looking forward to more great results from all of you!!!

We will post more pictures and Dance News articles shortly!!

 A Gold and a Bronze medals for TEAM CRYSTAL at The World Gold Cup in Under 21 Youth Ballroom!!!


A HUGE cngratulations goes to Ernestas Deringas and Veronica Hardaker for taking a Bronze Medal and to Matt Dean and Sophie Webb for winning this competition and taking the Gold!!!!!

Keep it going TEAM CRYSTAL!!!

Keisha Campion is in the semi final of Miss England Beauty Contest!!!

   CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS would like to wish the BEST OF LUCK to our beautiful Keisha for the 30th of May - is the day when the semi final of Miss England will be taking place.

Please vote for her by texting 63333 MISS SEMI47 to make sure she is in the Grand Final!!!

Good Luck Keisha - you will do great!!!!

David Brown and Nicola Dolphin got married!!


 David Brown and Nicola Dolphin got married on the 28th of April 2012. CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS would like to wish you both many years of happiness together!!!

 Nathan and Valentina Barker are the Pre Champ Latin Champions at "Champions of Tomorrow 2012" !!!!!!!

 Nathan and Valentina Barker from CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS won this competition by being placed first in all 3 dancers !!! They were well ahead of the rest of the field and produced a very strong performance on the night. Congratulations. Well deserved !

Read the Dance News write up from this competition below:

 Neil Gessey and Jo Willis win Under 35 Novice Ballroom at "Champions of Tomorrow 2012"

 Neil Gessey and Jo Willis made CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS very proud by winning this prestigious title!

They produced some attacking dancing on the night which allowed them to be the first placed couple in this competition. Well done guys!!

Read the Dance News below:

 Joe and Eva Johnson placed 5th in Intermediate Ballroom at "Champions of Tomorrow 2012"

Joe and Eva Johnson from CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS were placed 5th in the under 35 Intermediate Ballroom Event at Blackpool. Joe started dancing only 6 months ago and after such a short time making this final was a fantastic achievement!! Many congratulations!!

 Marc Copson and Jessica Ellis are the finalists of "Champions of Tomorrow 2012" in Blackpool!

  Marc Copson and Jessica Ellis of CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS made this prestigious final in January 2012 in Blackpool. After 3 rounds in Pre Amateur Ballroom competition they were called out into the final and finished 6th. Well done!! Read the Dance News report about them below:

 Nathan and Valentina Barker finish 5th at "Champions of Tomorrow"

  Nathan and Valentina Barker of CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS pictured on the right made the final of Intermediate Ballroom Championship in one of the biggest competitions in UK in this grade and finished 5th. Congratulations!! See the Dance News report from this event:     

 Keisha Campion is a runner up in the Miss Birmingham contest!!

  A big congratulations to Keisha Campion from CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS who recently became a runner up in the Miss Birmingham contest in front of a large crowd at the city's Burlington Hotel.

Keisha triumphed over 30 other girls in the competition, which included fashion, club and evening wear rounds. And she clinched a place in the Miss England semi-finals, giving Birmingham the chance to have two contestants in the national final.

 CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS team wishes best of luck to Keisha on 30th of May at the Miss England semi-final!!!!

 Matt Dean and Sophie Webb win The Warwickshire Amateur Ballroom Championship 2012.

Matt Dean and Sophie Webb from CRYSTAL DANCE STUDIOS win this amateur title for the first time. See the report from Dance News below: